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Change your Actions

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

“Look, I am making everything new!” ' Revelation 21:5

My phone falls quite often. In fact, it’s the one thing I misplace and drop more than anything else I own. So a screen protector makes sense in my world. Because of the numerous gravitational gymnastics that my phone goes through, I replace the screen protector quite often. It’s been no different with the recent one, except that this time I spent about 6 weeks with a broken one and actually got used to manoeuvring my phone so as not to hurt my finger when I need to do something on it. As a result, I got to know the angle of the crack really well. This past weekend, I finally decided to get it replaced!

I just love the peeling away of the old screen protector with its cracks and then seeing the shiny unscathed surface of the actual screen. It reminds me of how God has the ability to refresh us and renew us!

While the experience of putting a new screen protector was refreshing, I experienced something unusual as i started using my phone. The problem is that I had become so accustomed to navigating the cracked one, that the new smooth one is now frustrating me! I keep waiting to feel the sharp edge of the crack - but nothing - then it feels like something is wrong!

You see the new screen protector is what I need but the old one is what I know and I’m used to. It’s the same with any habit we form - good or bad. This experience is something that The Lord used to remind me of this reality: "It takes time to form a habit. It takes time to break a habit." As we deal with matters of the heart it is imperative to note that some habits we have become accustomed to are not necessarily what we need nor are they good for our hearts but we have become so accustomed to doing life in that way or using that behaviour as a coping mechanism, by the time we realise that we need to change it becomes difficult to let go of what we know and are used to.

It takes intentional steps to start new good habits and to stay the path until the habit becomes our new normal. Some habits that are very difficult to get rid of or change are our money spending habits. We can be so accustomed to operating our finances without a budget and without proper planning and focus so much so that it is easier to do so than to see where our uncontrolled spending habits will lead us to.

Reflect and Rewire:

1. What broken or unhealthy habits do you have that are possibly causing you headaches as well as heartache? Try to identify at least 3 based on the revelations you have had throughout this devotional series.

2. Take time to pray over these habits and be intentional by coming up with a plan on how you will deal with these habits

3. Consider any habits that may be a form of addiction and ask for help to navigate these. At view Church every Monday night we have a program called Hope that helps people effectively recognise and deal with a variety of addictions. Pop in to the Monday night Hope meetings at 7pm and get the help you need at our Table View or Melkbos locations.

*Habit Tip: Set a focused period of 1 month to consistently:

  1. Pray more. Read more. Be more thankful.

  2. Worry less. Complain less.

  3. Stop certain unhealthy things. Start healthy other things instead.

Whatever it is that you need to do, do it everyday until it becomes your lifestyle.

Written By Dee Koko (c)2022 ViewChurch

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