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Ignorance breeds abuse & regret

Unstoppable Purpose

Our Lead Pastors shared a story that left a vivid picture of what ignorance of purpose can be like.

The year was 2010 a significant year in South Africa with the hosting of the first ever World Cup soccer in Africa. South Africa was ablaze with celebrations and in that moment South Africa gave the world a new Instrument of celebration, Enter The Vuvuzela. This long plastic horn gripped the world and record sales and production of this monotone sounding and sometimes highly irritating instrument, were seen across the nation and the world.

At that time our lead Pastor Andre was then the youth Pastor at View Church Table View. In that year the church was involved in setting up for the massive annual youth camp, The Stand, which involves young people from different Churches coming together. That year The Stand Camp was going to be huge and the setting up of tents and mobile toilets and showers was a massive job as there were going to be so many young people at they camp.

Andre being part of the leadership for this massive camp had his team from table view and amongst them was Pastor Dino Cicatelo, now the Lead Pastor at View Church Tygerberg Hills, who was then serving at the Church on the Year to serve Program. For those who know Dino, he is high energy just like his then youth Pastor, He is also one of the funniest guys you will ever meet. As they were setting up camp Dino suddenly appeared from somewhere as he had gotten distracted with other things but now very clearly engaged in what he had discovered in his wonderings! He excitedly shouted "guys look what i found!!!" as he held up a long metal trumpet shaped device which he immediately identified, "Its a metal Vuvuzela!!!" He proceeded to put his mouth over what he assumed was the mouth of the metal vuvuzela trumpet and blew with Vim and vigour! Most likely he believed he had found a way to keep everyone entertained by blowing his knew found trumpet... However before he could keep blowing his loud melodies he saw the look of horror on some people's faces as they saw him put his mouth to this alleged instrument! Someone shouted "No that's not a Vuvuzela, its a Lily!!!" So confused Dino stopped his blowing to listen to the shouts from his captive audience. "Its a lily, it is an outdoor urinal for the boys to pee in for use on the camp!"

Gagging and immediately dropping his short lived instrument now turned urinal, Dino rushed off to find some water (possibly sanitiser as well) to wash out his mouth which he had unknowingly placed on the irreverent utensil. He may possibly have felt like he had just licked the .... I will stop there i am sure you get the picture.

So now that I have you disgusted beyond measure, what is the point to this unholy encounter! Well, stop for a moment and think about it, Dino thought that what he had was a musical instrument of celebration and so he used it as an instrument. Unfortunately because he did not know the purpose of the item he was holding he ended up abusing it and getting into a bit of a hilarious situation - possibly traumatising too for himself and his audience.

When you do not know the purpose for your own life you can end up abusing yourself and others because you have no Knowledge of why God has created you. The word of God tells us that People perish for lack of vision/ or knowledge.

Getting to know your purpose is a journey that is best done with the help of God your maker!

Jeremiah 29:11

'For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord . “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. '

At View Church we want to see people living lives that are centred on God's purpose and his will for them. That is why we run Growth track, the front door to our Church, a wonderful tool to help you Know more about God and discover your purpose in Him.

Tonight 5th of April, and every first Tuesday of the month you have an opportunity to join us for Growth Track. register now or just attend growth track at our locations in Camps Bay, Table View and Melkbos. Click the link below as Purpose awaits!

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