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Power of Prevailing Promise

March 17, 2022|Devotional, Unstoppable

Week 2: Unstoppable Word

I could barely see further than the car's bonnet as the dense Karoo fog got thicker and thicker. I slowed down to what seemed like a snail's pace in light of the very long distance i was hoping to cover that day. This thick fog seemed to bring a darkness over me that made me doubt whether i would be able to see my journey through. I had only been driving for five hours and had covered just 400km, of the 1 467km i needed to drive that day. Two hours before the fog had manifested, I had started feeling strangely ill, and this had slowed me down drastically. Now Looking out the window as I drove and barely seeing what was ahead of me in the fog, I felt hopeless. "Turn back, you need to turn back while you still can" these urgent thoughts raced through my head as I felt sicker with each painful kilometre that i drove. "This journey is too much for you, you won't make it, and you are all alone with no-one to help you !!" These negative thoughts plagued my mind even louder. BUT I needed to do this trip. A business venture I had embarked on depended on me doing this trip and I was determined to see it through, however the reality was i was now very sick and the weather was not helping at all. Amidst the turmoil of the negative barrage of thoughts and mounting anxiety, I barely heard God's still, soft voice encourage me, "Pray, Remember I am with you always." Immediately recognising those words as the promises that are found in God's word (Joshua 1:9), I started praying and asked God whether he wanted me to continue. I asked him to help me and direct me. As I prayed I felt the absolute peace of God on me, Yes I was not alone God was with me his word promises that God is always with me and would not leave nor forsake me. The negative thoughts, now exposed as the lies of the enemy, began to lift from my mind and the anxiety also subsided, but i was still very sick and getting weaker by the moment. I remembered another promise in God's word, "I am the Lord that heals you" - I started declaring the truth of his word and asked God to heal me so I could continue with this trip, I could not stop now I needed to make this trip. As I finished praying I felt God direct me to stop in the next service station and to park the car and sleep for an hour and that I would be well. I barely made it to the next fuel station and seemed even worse than before, a high fever, throwing up and feeling so weak, but i made it and obeyed God's direction. I set my alarm for 1 hour and fell asleep believing I would be healed when I woke up. Indeed after an hour of sleep, my fever had broken i woke up feeling like a new man ready to take on the rest of my two day journey. God promises healing in his word and in my desperation I reached out and healing was mine. We often get Stopped by the storms of life as we are trying to make our way to our place of progress. Issues like feeling all alone, Sickness, Anxiety, Grief , fear and many others can bring a dense cloud of fog that stops us dead in our tracks and robs us of many opportunities that could have been but sadly taken away by these storms. I have learnt to lean in to God's word in these times because God's word holds promises that are Unstoppable. When the holy Spirit reminds me of What God's word says I become persistent because I know that what God's word says is the truth. If God says he can heal then i can believe that he is able to heal, If he says He is with me always, I can rebuke the feelings of aloneness and the depression or anxiety that comes with feeling alone and unwanted and as I do that in faith God is faithful to perform according to his word. I just need to believe Him. Reflect: 1. Do you spend enough time in God's word to enable you to know what God's promises for you are? 2. Are you going through an issue right now that is threatening to Stop your progress in life? 3. How can you apply God's Unstoppable word in that situation? Do you need to remind yourself to believe the word of God or do you need to Pray and activate the Power of God's Promises over you today? Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through? ' Prayer: Heavenly Father I am so grateful that your Word is Powerful and Unstoppable! Your promises over me in your word are applicable to every one of your children and I can partake of those promises. Today I claim your promise of unfailing Love and unending life. I thank you that your word is Jesus who became flesh and came to bring me the Victory of your promise of a Messiah who would save me from everything! Thank you Jesus, you are the Word that became flesh and I can trust on you because you are Unstoppable!!! Today Holy Spirit, please help me to see the promises in your word that are relevant for where I am and what I am going through. Thank you God for your Word. Amen Advocate Chikwati View Church 2022 (c) Unstoppable Word

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