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Prayer Changes Things

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Day 13: First Things First

As part of the View Church Intercession team I get to serve God in a manner that is both rewarding and encouraging. I have seen that Prayer works and that Prayer has the Power to change situations. There is nothing that God sees as too small or too insignificant such that you cannot bring it forward in prayer.

We have prayed for many situations including a missing dog, people on life support, families going through financial hardship, and freedom from addictions - from all the above and more we have witnessed the many testimonies that have come in I have learnt that Prayer has the power to change any situation!

One such powerful testimony is from Amanda, one of our dedicated Intercessors who serves on the Tuesday night Powerhouse Prayer team and in the 11:30 service Prayer Team.

Her mum was diagnosed with cancer in its late stages and the prognosis was not good. Amanda was worried about her mum so she moved to the Eastern Cape to offer support and assistance to her mum and asked the Intercession team to pray for her mum. From the time we started praying we kept hearing good news that went against what the doctors had accurately diagnosed! A few months later I was amazed to see Amanda back at Church and so I asked how her mum was doing and she confirmed the good news! She was back in Cape Town with her mum and her mum was doing much better, In fact at the time I saw her she had just come from a visit from the doctors and the baffled medical experts found no more traces of the troublesome cancer! How amazing is that! Prayer has the power to change situations!

This reminds me of King Hezekiah in the bible, He became very ill and it was obvious that this sickness would end in death. The prophet Isaiah was sent to the king to tell him to get his affairs in order for he was about to die. However King Hezekiah was a man of Prayer and he went to the prayer room with faith and asked God to reconsider his imminent death. As he prayed God sent the same prophet who had delivered news of his impending death earlier, to go back to the King to say that God had heard the Prayer and he was giving king Hezekiah 15 more years of Life! 2 Kings 20:1-6

That's what prayer can do, Prayer has the ability to re-write the story that has been written about you thus far, Prayer changes things and as Pastor Andre say it will also change you as you engage in prayer!

Prayer Time

  1. what are the things that you battles with last year or the last decade that you have carried over into this year that look as if they will never change? - List them down right now

  2. List down at least three things that God has done for you in that same period of time when you have prayed.

  3. Start with the second List, bring those things that God has answered in prayer and give thanks to God - Build your faith as you praise God for these answered Prayers and declare that he is the God who can answer Prayer

  4. Bring the list you made in number 1 before God, Lay it before God in prayer and ask that he would address these issues according to his god and perfect will.


They key in our perspective of how Prayer works is not in looking for the results as you pray but rather in seeking out what God wants to do in the situation.

The Power and secret of Prayer is knowing that when you Pray according to God's will, God hears and because he hears He will answer according to his word.

'This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him. '

It is difficult at times but we must always seek the will of God above the will of man. When the will of man submits to the will of God that is when the greater miracles will occur! - Just think of when Jesus submitted his will to The Father's will - The result was resurrection and the name of Jesus being lifted above every other name!

Prayer & Fasting Tip

Take Time to thank God in song and sincere worship during your connect time with God today.

- Spending time in worship is a good way to connect with God especially when you are burdened with a worry. As you worship today take time to speak to God about your impossible situation then leave it in God's capable hands secure that God can do it!

- Worshipping together as a Church can also be a great booster for your Prayer and Fasting journey. In the last week of our Prayer and fasting journey we have the 5 x 5 Prayer & Worship evenings starting at 7pm to 8pm from Monday to Friday next week. Make time to come through and connect with God as we worship together. Kidzone is available at all our Locations!

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2 commentaires

Thandazani Johnson
Thandazani Johnson
21 janv. 2023

God has covered me with His hand over the past few weeks, and He continues to amaze me exceeding!

Praise the name of the Lord 🙏🏾


I believe that prayer is connecting with God through communicating, which takes us right back to Genesis, in the beginning of all time. God created man for what reason, to communicate with Him in the garden in Eden.

Sin separated us from this, but the Love of Jesus through Calvary brought us back to the original design and purpose, to walk in the cool of the day with my Lord.

I love just simply chatting with Holy Spirit throughout the day as my best Friend, like almost being back in Eden. ❤️✝️❤️

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