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Resurrected King - Resurrecting my Faith

Ignite Faith

Have you ever experienced a problem that you have agonised over and over until your head spins because you just don’t have the solution? I had such a worrying problem recently where I needed some documentation which was going to take a long time to get but I needed it for a very important application that I had to submit. The application process had a deadline BUT some very important documents I needed would only be available almost a week after the deadline and I could not submit my application without this documentation.

After considering all my options, I found that there was no other way but just to go ahead, book my appointment in faith and try to submit the application without that document. I would then have to explain that the supporting document would only be available a week from then. In faith I booked the appointment and prayed for a miracle.

A couple of days before the appointment I learnt that someone else I knew was facing a similar predicament and I took time to pray for that person. I prayed as I drove to work and after praying I switched on the radio to listen to CCFM my favorite radio station. I switched on the radio just in time to hear the news reader say an important announcement from the government that totally changed my predicament as well as the person I had just prayed for. The application I needed to make had received an extension and I now had more than a month which gave me enough time to get the crucial documentation needed for my application process. It was as I took a walk of faith in what seemed an impossible situation that God worked out the situation in a way that I had not expected.

In our bible reading today (click the scripture reference above to read) we meet two women both named Mary who are faced with a difficult and almost impossible task for them to tackle.

After Jesus had been crucified he had been place in a tomb that was closed up with a huge boulder/Stone and sealed.

The two women were making their way to anoint the body of Jesus with burial spices as Jesus had been executed just before the start of the sabbath and so he had been placed in the tomb without this process done.

The two woman knew that the tomb had been closed and sealed up but they still took a step of faith and discussed the problem of who would roll away the huge stone that sealed the entrance to the tomb as they made their way toward the tomb. The stone was just too large for two women to roll away. (At that point they did not even know that the stone had also been sealed)

They agonised over their problem BUT to their surprise they got there and Behold the stone had already been rolled away and the seal broken. They must have danced and Praised God thanking him for such a miracle but not knowing that a greater MIRACLE was awaiting them!!! The tomb was empty instead they met an angel who explained to them that Jesus was no longer Dead but had Resurrected and was ALIVE!!!

This was later to be confirmed as Mary Magdalene later saw Jesus alive herself. The other disciples and many other people later on got to witness this miracle for themselves as well, Dead man now alive and well.

Jesus is alive, he conquered death and now Death no longer has a hold on us!!!


1. Is there an impossible issue or situation that you are facing in your life? What steps of faith can you begin to take like the two Marys to start walking in faith to confront the situation believing God for a miracle for that stone to be rolled away?

2. What dead situations have been taunting you in your life? How can you hand those situations to Jesus in light of the fact that Jesus is the true resurrection who can bring back to life any dead situation or roll away any large stone that is blocking progress in your life.

Worship Time:

Reflect prayerfully on what it means to find out that God has already gone ahead of you and not only rolled away the stone but resurrected your dead situation!

Praise God that Jesus resurrection brought Victory to you in every way, you are no longer a slave to fear, sin and death but have victory through Christ who won the battle against sin and death!!!!

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