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Start How you mean to go

First Things First Prayer & Fasting Journey

Day 1: Start how you Mean to go

My wife is a firm believer of this statement, “Start how you mean to go”. I have seen how she wisely protects the start of anything she does by carefully employing a positive attitude of go big and go strong. She has taught me that the momentum you start off with will most often determine the momentum you seek to maintain throughout the journey of whatever you start. If you start off with a positive attitude you in effect set out boundaries of positivity going forward.

I have also learnt that it is harder to ignite a positive attitude when you have already started off with a negative “woe is me, doom & gloom attitude”. Starting off with the right attitude, great passion and healthy hope sets the tone for how you can seamlessly maintain that journey or take it up a notch higher as you go along the journey.

As a believer, I want to encourage you to start off this year with a good perspective as well as a good intention and sense of action. Having the right perspective can ignite the right attitude which will be significant in achieving a strong start to anything you begin.

Your outlook on how to start and begin the year can very well determine how you will attain progress or how you fail to engage with any traction towards progress.

As a Church We believe that any good start is determined by who you start with and we believe the strongest and best start you can ever do involves God. Genesis 1:1 depicts one of the best starts of a great story, the story of the creation of the earth and humanity. Guess who was there at the start? God Himself, The creator of the Heavens and the earth.

Putting God first in starting off the year will mark out a path that ensures that you not only have the right perspective of how you need to navigate the year but that you have the best start and finish to any year. As a Church one of the ways we choose to put God first is by setting aside 21 days to fast and pray. Today is the first day of our 21day of prayer and Fasting. Take time to choose how you will journey through the next 21days.

Scripture Meditation

'But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ' Matthew 6:33

Dear God, just as you were present in the beginning of everything, I ask that you help me to allow you to be fully present in my life as I begin this new year of Life. I recognise that when I start my year with you, the creator of the universe, I have an opportunity to begin what could become one of the best years of my life by choosing to make you my starting point in this journey of the year ahead. God I pray that each and every day I would seek you first and that you would be my greatest desire more than seeking anything else. I believe that your word will be proved to be true as I allow you to be first in my year, first every day and first in my choices. Thank you for being available to help me start this year with you, Amen.

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