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The Beauty of God's timing

Day 20: First things First

I remember telling my then girlfriend (now my wife)how I had a specific name for the son God would give us when we got married. I am sure she thought I was just caught up in the excitement of our plans to get married but God had clearly spoken to me to me about giving us a son and what name I should give him. It was during a time of Prayer and fasting that God had spoken to me about this.

We got married and two years into our marriage and we had had our first child a beautiful and amazing daughter. We were perfectly on track with our plans beca

use we had planned to have our first child after our second anniversary and then have our second child within two years of the first. We thought it was a good plan and we had prayed over it so we believed God was with us in our plans and we were within his will and since He had given me a word about having a son I remained confident that we would have a son!

A year and a half after our daughter was born we started trying for a second child. A year passed then two years and we got worried! It had not taken us more than three months to fall pregnant in our first pregnancy and now we were fast approaching three years. Doctors did tests found nothing out of the ordinary. We kept praying and asking God but now with frustration and disappointment. I did not dare remind my wife about our conversation about having a son, H

ad I heard God or was it just a fantasy I had? Had He not spoken to me about giving us a son, it had been Him not me who had brought up the subject so surely He had a reason to tell me then?

At that time of frustr

ation It now seemed like just a nice dream that I had once had. We now began to talk about possibly adopting. During that time we moved countries and settled in the city of Cape Town.

My wife did a 40 day fast of seeking God and exactly one month after end her fast and six months after moving to Cape Town we were overjoyed to discover that we were pregnant. Over four years of waiting!!! why did God choose this specific moment in time to give us our son? Only after he was born did we realise God's beautiful timing.

Here‚ is what God showed us after our son was born again he spoke to us in a time of prayer and fasting after our son was born: 1. Our first born daughter had difficulty sleeping through the night and she only adjusted to a normal sleeping pattern when we moved

to cape-town just before our son was born. We believe God knew how our personalities as parents would struggle with two young children at the same time who did not have a normal sleeping pattern. - God's Wisdom and protection!

2. In our time of waiting my wife got a new job that opened up doors for us to move to Cape Town. We had been feeling for a while that God was calling us to Cape Town. The specific time that she got the job was the time that we had planned to have our second baby and she definitely would not have applied for this job had she had a new born at that particular time - God's Strategy & Provision!

3. God used the frustrations and disappointment of not being able to have a baby to propel us into wanting a new season of fresh dreams which allowed us to readily accept and push forward with our migration to South Africa, to a city God was calling us to be in. Had we been parents of a new born at that time we would have probably put off making our immigration move, but our move at that time turned out to be a God move because after we moved to South Africa, things started going down drastically both economically and politically in our home country- God's Foresight & Leading!

4. When our son was born the doctors told us that they were amazed that we even fell pregnant at all because it emerged that at the initial c-section of my wife's first pregnancy, the doctors had done such a poor job they had caused some notable damage in my wife's uterus. You see we had been living in a country with a poor health delivery system and now it dawned on us that on top of this miracle, Had we not been in Cape Town at the time our son was born, my wife's health may have been greatly compromised as she ended up needed a good health care system and equipment to untangle the damage done in the first c-section . - God's Miraculous Grace and Love! As we are on the 20th day of our fast, looking at breaking the fast tomorrow, You may be going through this season feeling like God's promises over your life have fallen away and that this season has brought uncertainty, delay and disappointments. I want to encourage you that God's word says that He makes everything beautiful in its time. Gods timing may differ with our own plans and timing but it is the best timing, you will not be disappointed when eventually he delivers on his promises which he never fails to do. Dont focus on his timing focus on who he is and what he means to you!

Continue to put God first and do not allow your faith in him to be shaken and distracted! Today and tomorrow may seem to be the longest days of your life as you pray and fast because the enemy will try to distract you with thoughts about your situation so that you can shift focus from focusing on God. Just continue to walk the journey of putting God first, seeking his face and not his hand, building up your faith and hope and you will not be disappointed. God's good and perfect will in his good timing will manifest, just understand that He is working in the background to make everything beautiful in time.

'For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. And I know that whatever God does is final. Nothing can be added to it or taken from it. God’s purpose is that people should fear him. '

'Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord , until he comes and showers his righteousness on you. '

Prayer and Fasting Encouragement!

As you fast today the temptation is to not go all the way and stop today, but whatever you do choose to Finish strong! Find a place to pour out Praises and declare worship to God. Find someone in need of Prayer and declare God's goodness over them. Find someone who is in need and give them that Sandwich or that Meat that your body is so desperately craving and you will see the difference within you as you Choose to put God First!

Tomorrow we have exciting Services lined up to celebrate what God has done in our time of Prayer and fasting. We will end off with an Incredible Encounter Evening at 6pm and break the fast together at our Table View Location. Please join us if you can!

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