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A View of Unstoppable Unity

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

We are Better Together

Over a decade ago in 2009, Usain Bolt broke the world 100m sprint. That record currently stands unbroken at 9,58 seconds. To date no-one, (not even the man himself, Usain Bolt) has been able to officially run the 100m dash faster than that time.

However In 2012 Usain Bolt and 3 other great Jamaican sprinters Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Yohan Blake, then went on and set a new world record time for the 4 X 100 metre relay an amazing 36.84 seconds.

What is even more amazing is that, as you analyse the timing of the relay race - you discover that each 100m leg was run an average of 9.21 seconds which is even faster than the current world record for the individual 100metre race.

Because of the dynamics of how the 4 runners participate and work together in a 4x 100meter relay, they reach higher levels of acceleration for heir 100m stretch than they can ever get to in an individual 100m race. (Each runner receives the relay baton when they are already running at speed of the last runner) There is a greater speed output achieved when the runners come together in a relay than individually.

Generally in life, there is much that we can achieve alone but when we are unified and work with a team we tend to achieve even more than we can do. We can do so much more in the time that we have when more people are involved.

At View Church we value Unity and know know that when we gather together we can achieve more and do better. Thats why we serve in Dream Team, As a team we achieve excellent results for the Kingdom. We gather to worship together on Sundays, each Individual invite to our Sunday services has a greater momentum for someone to find Jesus and pursue a life of purpose. When we choose to do life together in View groups, we get to activate growth inn our lives and create valuable relationships that spur us on in life, and when we Pray together on Tuesdays at Power House Prayer as well as Mondays to Friday in our Virtual whatsapp Prayer room, we see `miracles of answered prayer.

Something New and significant is breaking out this Tuesday, 29th of March 2022.

Every last Tuesday of the month The View Prayer Teams and the View Worship team will come together for a Power Hour of Worship and prayer at the Table View Location! You are invited, in fact Everyone is invited!

What an amazing time of corporate worship and prayer that we will have. Whenever we have had these times of meeting together in prayer and worship we have often experienced a greater time of breakthrough and closeness to God. Somehow worshipping together in unity takes us even further.

Why don't you take advantage of the Church coming together in worship and prayer and gain more momentum with your worship & Prayer. In Scripture God calls our attention to the value of coming together or moving in unity. (Psalms 133) Jesus says also says that when we are in unity we will get more mileage in our evangelism because unity and love will differentiate us from the world. (John 13:35).

There is a reason why the Church is called the body of Christ. We are better together and achieve more together, even when it comes to seeking God together in Prayer, Fasting & Worship.

Scripture Meditation

Matthew 18:19-20 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

_Encouragement by Advocate Chikwati ViewChurch2022_

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