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View Justice NPC


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Reference: Education, Health, Nutrition or General


Church, we need everyone's help to fill as many LOVE PACKS as possible with basic food & toiletries. This will make such a difference in the lives of many families in our communities! 

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View Justice NPC (2022/486920/08) believes that every person is valuable and important to God. View Justice NPC serves the vulnerable and those in need. Through heath, education and nutrition View Justice will provide support, food, health care and relief to those who need it most in our community.

View Justice NPC is a section 21 registered tax exempt PBO and as such can offer a section 18a letter to any donor. Should you require this letter contact us with the POP on

Our current projects are Education, Nutrition and Health Care. Use the name of the project to reference your donation. If you are happy for View Justice to decide how to spend the funds for our various projects, please reference General.

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