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We pray you enjoyed our service

We would love to meet you again

The front door to our church is Growth Track and we cannot wait to see you there. It happens each month in all of our locations and helps you understand who we are , what we believe and your God given purpose. Our team attend Growth Track each month so that we can meaningfully connect with people as they get to know our church.

At View Church we want you to build life long friendships and believe that you will grow best in a circle. Our View Groups are places of connection, prayer and support as we unpack what the messages have revealed to us each week.


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Growth Track


Get connected to the life of our church through Growth Track


Child Dedications 

Dedicate to raising your children in God's house.

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View Groups


Find your small group of friends to grow and learn from.

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Your outward expression of the decision to follow Christ.

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