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No Power?

Day 4: First Things First

My then seven year old son came to me perplexed, He was trying to get connected onto YouTube so that he could watch Super-book, We are trying to teach him to connect with God every morning by watching a bible story and super-book is a fun way for Kid’s to connect with the word of God. “I think that the Internet is not working” he said while pointing to the device network indicator showing that there was not network available to the device. I frowned as I also saw that my phone was not getting a signal and went to check the wifi-router. It had no lights on, so I looked at the switch and saw that though the router was connected there was no power going to the wifi router. What could be the problem? “Oh there’s no Power, “ I exclaimed this as it suddenly dawned on me that Eskom had started load-shedding again!!!

We live in a world where Electricity is needed to power almost all the devices that we use on a daily basis if not minute to minute basis. We wake up to alarm clocks that are powered, and switch on the bedside lamp that runs on electric power before getting up to go to take a shower with hot-water usually from an electricity or solar powered device.

The absence of Power can mean disaster for many of our processes in our lives. Many countries in the world are battling with the issue of power as a shortage of power can spell disaster since it translates to an in-ability to Perform, Produce and progress. For my son on this morning his ability to watch a program that teaches him about God was hampered because of loss of power.

As you choose to put God first in 2023 through fasting you will suddenly be aware that your flesh is weakened. As you say no to food you are disconnecting from a source of strength that *powers* up your physical body. If you are on a liquid only fast your body starts to react to the depletion in food and may complain as you start get slight headaches or numerous tummy rumbles.

When we put God first through fasting we however become keenly aware that power and strength in our lives is not generated only through the food that we eat.

In fasting we disconnected to physical power so we can to connect to spiritual power. We gradually awaken to being powered not just physically but spiritually. The importance of this awakening is that it is your spirit that outlasts your body into eternity.

When Jesus took time to Pray and fast for forty days he became weak and the Devil tries to tempt him in his weakened physical state by calling his attention to the fact that he needed to power his body with food. Although this fact was true it was not the complete truth! The whole truth was that Jesus needed spiritual power more than physical food at this point and this is why he answered the Devil with this answer, “ It is written, Man shall not live on bread (food) alone but on every word that comes from the mouth God” *(Matthew 4:4)

This statement from Jesus is so profound because he is fundamentally addressing the reason why he had fasted for forty days, disconnecting from his need of physical power and connecting with his need for *Spiritual power and strength.*

Fasting is a declaration that we are not sustained by *food alone* and that our power does not come from physical strength alone but from the words that are from God.

And what are those words that come from God? Well, it is from the very Holy Scriptures that Jesus quoted as he said that profound statement; God’s word the Holy bible that is the Absolute power source we can draw from as we live our daily lives and more so as we fast and pray.

If we are to go through 2023 and have success as we put God first, we also need to have strength and power as we live out God’s purposes.

That strength and power comes through God’s word. We need to daily seek and connect to that power source.


Yesterday we explored how seeking God first orders our lives, A practical first step to seeking God first this year is putting God first by engaging in prayer and fasting. As a Church every year we put God first by setting aside 21 days at the start of the year to pray and fast. This is part of our recognition that seeking God First releases Power in us and through us.

Your First step to Putting God first is at the beginning of the year by allowing God to lead you and guide you. Prayer and fasting helps you to do that in a focused practical way.

'For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. '


Dear God, I pray that you help me see that by putting you first at the begining of the year I am allowing myself to discover the most powerful way to navigate life in this year. Thank you that as I get plugged into your word; I am connecting to your absolute power which will propel me through this year. Please reveal to me the importance of your Holy word in my Life.*AMEN*

Prayer and Fasting Tip

Part of Prayer and fasting is hearing God speak to you and the clearest way to train yourself to hearing God speak to you is through his word. His word is His voice. Each day that you fast pick a scripture that speaks to you during yoru quiet time with God and meditate on it throughout the day as you pray.

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As we connect to God, by reading His word and asking Holy Spirit to break it open to us to discover the hidden mysteries, we open our spirit man to the Power source.

The finished work of the Cross of Jesus can only become apparent when seek Holy Spirit presence in our walk, as He was sent by God to lead, guide and teach us concerning the Word (Jesus).

Only Holy Spirit can reveal the Power of Calvary to us, which will empower us to live this life Victoriously until we slip over into eternal life.

The question is this, are we setting ourselves up for Empowered Victory?

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