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Running from God's Presence?

Day 6: Prayer & Fasting

Psalm 139:7-10

“Where can I flee from your spirit? Or where will I run from your presence? If I rise to heaven, there you are! If I lay down with the dead, there you are! If I take wings with the dawn and settle down on the western horizon your hand will guide me there, too, while your right hand keeps a firm grip on me.”

God is all around us, he is everywhere

I remember sitting with my friend as she played this song “On and On” by Housefires. She played it over and over again until it drove us all a little crazy.

I said to her, " Are you listening to these lyrics? You’re running from what God wants to do in your life, yet you have this song on repeat."

She laughed in agreement.

_“ There is no ending to your

Love that holds on and won't let go

Love that won't leave me on my own

I'm falling deeper into your

Love that holds on and won't let go

Love that won't leave me on my own”_

God's love will never leave us. There are some situations we walk through that can be so painful that we don’t even want to bring our pain to God because they seem so overwhelming. In these times, we can experience God's Presence being so near and tangible, we can experience his love and his healing as we allow the Father's love to tend to our hearts.

There are times however when we do try to run from God's Presence, it is often because we are not in alignment with what God wants for us. It can be because of passionate sin in our lives that we are enjoying such that we compromise and try to make ourselves comfortable away from God's presence by telling ourselves that our sin is not harming anyone so why should God not be ok with it.

We can be also like Jonah running away from God's presence because he didn't agree with God's love and mercifulness over a people that God wanted to deliver. Whatever the reason for us wanting to run away from the presence of God, we always need to remember that God is for us, he wants the best for us, he would never say something is bad for us just so that we miss out on fun and he would never send us on a mission that will bring us eternal disaster. In God is the presence of; pure Love and perfect purpose - so no matter how difficult the path God may be calling us to walk, it is important to remember that running from God's presence is the greatest disaster of all.

We are safe in his presence no matter how difficult the choice of obedience that God is calling us towards. In this time of prayer and fasting, take time to ask God to show you when you have tried to hide from God's presence. Make a decision to value God's presence even when it feels uncomfortable and unfavourable to do so, knowing that our feelings do not have the full picture of the outcome, It is God who holds the End in his hand and so His presence is the best place for us to remain.

David, the psalmist who wrote Psalm 139, was so aware of God's constant love and care that not even death could separate him from God's love. God's presence and his spirit is all around us and is always with us.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

*Romans 8:38-39*

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


* Take some time meditate on Psalm 139.

* Are you aware of God's presence being all around you?

* What has God been speaking to you the past 5 days on this Fasting journey, write it down and take time to ask the Holy Spirit for help to obey or align yourself to his leading.

* What does the next chapter of your life look like in view of God's presence with you?

Prayer Time:

Lord God, I thank you that your presence is all around me. You are near, you are everywhere, you are omnipresent. Holy Spirit you are with me wherever I go. You bring me comfort and you lead me in all things. Help me to be so aware of your presence today, help me to be so aware of your love for me. As you help me in this, I know I will be able to conquer the feelings I sometimes have of running from your presence because Your presence is what I really need and desire, thank you God, Amen.


Saturdays can be very difficult when fasting. the key is to stay focused, You have come this far, stay plugged in God's presence. Be deliberate in worshipping and praying. Find someone to Pray for. The View Intercession team is taking time to pray over institutions in our community. You can join in by praying over schools and hospitals in your neighbourhood as you walk past or drive by today. Serving your community in Prayer is an awesome way to press towards the end of the Prayer and fasting.

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