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The Problem with Authority

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Unstoppable Law of God!

March 15, 2022|Unstoppable, Weekly Blog

All Posts Unstoppable Law of God Growing up is not just a matter of becoming taller and older. It is actually more of a process

of becoming mature rather than just growth of your physical stature. As i have grown up I have become wiser in my understanding of life and in how i should do life as compared to when i was a child. One of the areas I have become mature in is understanding how authority plays a big role in our lives. As a child I often thought how unfair my Parents were. They seemed to have all sorts of rules that I had to obey that stopped me from #LivingMyBestLife it seemed. Rules about the levels of noise in the house, rules about not playing ball games in the house or rules like going to bed at a certain time and not watching certain programs on TV. The list of what I was not allowed to do seemed endless. "It's not fair!!", I would sometimes cry out after being punished for not observing certain rules that my parents had put into place. I was pretty sure that my parents did not want me to enjoy life and wanted me to live a miserable life where i did nothing but follow their very unfair rules blindly like a brainwashed zombie. At School I noticed that other kids shared my opinion, parents were for the most part the most unfair individuals on earth whose jobs were to make us suffer and prevent us from having fun. I remember often that my Dad would be so disappointed in my behaviour, he would take what seemed like five hours to lecture me on the importance of being respectful of rules and understanding authority. He would warn me sternly that if i failed to respect authority at a young age I would have a problem with authority as a grown up and could easily end up in jail for failure to become responsible citizen who observes the greater rules of the country and not just the simple rules of our home. At first i did not fully understand my dad's lectures, they seemed like threats to get me into line and be so afraid that i just start following his very unfair rules. I completely understood why Peter Pan and the Lost boys never wanted to grow up and why the had such amazing fun living in Never land, the land that boys could live happily without following unfair grown up rule and without having to grow up into these sullen figures of such mean authority, Adults and parents. As you may have already guessed maturity has brought a deeper understanding of the role Authority and the Law play in our lives. My understanding of why we have rules has significantly matured from my view as a five year old to the view i hold now over 35 years later. Indeed my growth of understanding the rules and laws of this world still continues but more so my understanding of the need to observe and respect Spiritual Laws has also been activated and I continue to grow. 'When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. ' 1 Corinthians 13:11 Many people eventually grow in understanding why we have laws and rules in society but an aspect that is often neglected is the laws and rules that govern our Spiritual lives. As a result we often think we are failing to succeed because of our own inability to succeed or because of unfair circumstances when the truth of the matter is that we have not yet begun to mature in our understanding of Spiritual Authority and observing the Laws of the Spirit which govern our spiritual growth and progress. This journey begins from knowing that we are more spiritual beings than we are physical. God our maker made us in his likeness ( Genesis 1:26) and because God is Spirit (John 4:24) it therefor follows if we were made in his likeness, we are also Spirit the difference is that we are encased in the suit of flesh that he made us so we could live on the earth. So just as there are laws and rules that we should observe in the natural in order for us to live and progress there are also spiritual laws that play a huge role in how we progress or fail to progress in life. Our journey to becoming unstoppable is largely founded on the ability to recognise Spiritual Authority and our adherence of it. The Word of God, also known as the law of God is the Ultimate Spiritual guide that enables us to understand how we ought to live in a way that is both relevant to the natural man and the spiritual man. The bible is our manual to not only understanding how we do life and following God's but our Key to becoming Unstoppable. This is because The Bible contains God's Holy word which he has declared will never pass away but remains to eternity. God's word is unstoppable it is the Ultimate Authority on Earth and in the Heavens that is the universe and beyond. The Problem with Authority is not that Authority restricts, it has always been that the need for Authority (especially spiritual Authority) is misunderstood just as how i misunderstood my parents intentions in giving us rules that they enforced and valued. In our quest to becoming successful one can never discount the rules that have been put in place because they are actually meant to benefit us. Our understanding of authority is the root problem why so many fail to grasp the need for God's word in their lives and at the core of that is spiritual maturity. Here are some points to consider: 1. The Law Permits It does not not just Restrict us One key Problem with figures of authority is that they seem to have rules that STOP us at every turn from doing fun and exciting things, like driving your Porsche or Golf GTI at 260km/h on the N1 highway! I mean what is the fun in having a car that can go 300km/hr and only being restricted to driving it at 120km/hr only. Maturity will often lead us into understanding that such a law is put in place so as to safeguard the public roads that are used by everyone else. It has been proven that driving beyond a certain speeds on certain roads makes it almost impossible to react safely when something goes wrong. However for the young adult who is trying to live their best life this can be disregarded in the quest to do the most and often met with disastrous consequences. While laws do have restrictions we often fail to Observe that the law for the most part allows us to operate and gives us lawful permission to do most of the things we actually would like to do but in a manner that is responsible and does not infringe on the freedom and safety of others. Take the example above, while the law restricts you from driving over 120km per hour on south African National roads, It is the same Law that gives you a Driving Permit to be allowed to be recognised as a fully licensed and qualified driver. I hear many people say that The Church is too strict and that the Bible has too many rules that stop people from enjoying life but the truth is that The Word of God was never meant to restrict but rather to Permit us to live in the right way that ensures that we are not stopped by the dangers that come when we live outside of the boundaries of how we were designed to operate as human beings that are both physical and spiritual beings. At View Church that is why one of are values is being know for what we are for not what we are against. We Celebrate the liberties and the things that the Lord our God has enabled us to do, We do not not major on what our restrictions are because we know that those restrictions are fewer that the Abundant life that our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ came to give us. (John 10:10) 2. The Law Protects not just Prosecutes Often when people think of the law or enforcing of the law they thing of the negative aspect of the law. We think about people being arrested and going to court and being judged and fined when we should actually be thinking of it the other way around. At the heart of Law enforcement agencies is The need to protect civil society and not just Arresting People and putting them in Jail. Only those living outside of the law are Stopped and arrested and brought before the courts. In the same way God's word is not meant to Prosecute you and stop you from enjoying life, God's word has been put in place for you to be protected from issues that are trying to destroy the Life and purpose that God has given you in the first place. God's law is meant to protect the very reason why he created you and so if you respect the authority of God's word, that same word will protect you and make you unstoppable both in your Spiritual and Natural endeavours. 3.The Law Liberates in as much as it Incarcerates Freedom is a big topic and while there are so many movements around the world for freedom of Speech, freedom of expression and freedom of being who you are without condemnation, The mature view of life is always gauged not by the extremities of an issue but rather by the balance you manage to achieve. While extreme is exciting and fast paced, Balance takes into consideration the whole picture and puts the necessary boundaries to achieve the best desired end result. So while you may be fighting for the world to grant you a certain freedom of expression, Have you stopped to think if your desired freedom is likely to infringe on the freedom of others even more importantly your ability and freedom to achieve the purposes for which God has created you to achieve. Just as the law in civil society is bound to set free anyone who is law abiding so does the Word of God grant you Freedom to operate in the best way possible that allows you to flourish and achieve God's purposes over your life. Liberty without boundaries is reckless selfishness. The truth of Abraham Lincolns word that "Those who sacrifice freedom for security will Lose both" can also be echoed in us sacrificing God's Spiritual values which are life giving for Earthly freedoms that bring you comfort and enjoyment, Not finding a balance of the two will eventually lead to the ultimate loss of life because God's word is meant to promote the life that God wants you to have that is eternal life, while earthly freedoms are short lived if they do not embody the boundaries of Godly values which are eternal. As we hit week 2 of the series Unstoppable, at View Church Camps Bay, Melkbos and Table View, check out the powerful sermon from our lead Pastor Andre Greeff who spoke about the Power of the Unstoppable Word of God on Sunday. It will give you great perspective on the authority of God over your life to bring you to an awesome destination in life, an Unstoppable achievement made possible by the word of God! Author: Advocate Chikwati, (C) ViewChurch 2022 - Unstoppable Word

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