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What's Stopping you

Have you ever been in a place where you are stuck and just can’t keep moving? Don’t’ get me wrong I am not talking about being lazy or not having a sense of wanting to achieve something great. I am talking about hitting a brick wall while you are in the in the middle of a championship, Olympic 400m sprint and seeing everyone else cruise past you in their lanes! You know those times when things were going really well and you thought you were making progress and then suddenly, BOOM!! You are back at starting point again.

For the most part You are a fairly motivated individual, you have dreams and aspirations and are setting goals and trying to achieve them as best as you can but then somewhere, somehow things keep happening that stop you dead in your tracks. Things like that boss who just doesn’t like you and is standing in the way of you getting the promotion you have been working so hard for; or that business deal that is going to turn your company from just making it, into a business that’s raking in the profits like leaves on the windiest Autumn day.

Maybe you are trying to get into a relationship that is going to lead to a happy ever after marriage? Its seems every person you have dated is just not the one, or the one you have thought was indeed the ONE kept putting the hand-brake on whenever you were thinking it was time to bring the relationship towards marriage and now you’re beginning to feel like YOU are the problem in this whole life equation where every critical move you make is STOPPED!

Going through moments or seasons of seeming failure can be devastating to your self-esteem. Being told No can be like ultimate rejection, while being blocked or ghosted when trying to achieve a career or relationship goal can discourage you or even tear you down emotionally and mentally, especially when it keeps happening you.

The question not to ask is the one that often attacks our hearts and minds with such devastating effects, “What is wrong with me?, because the first thing we think is I am failing because there is something horribly wrong with me, and we can go down this rabbit hole of self-doubt and wondering if you were dropped on your head as a baby. Not being able to achieve something can get you second and third guessing your design, abilities and self-worth.

The bible however tells us that there is nothing wrong with the way that each one of us was created, We are told that God made us fearfully or complexly as well as wonderfully made(created)- Psalm 139:14

When God created everything on the earth he said it was good but when he created Man he stopped and said This is very Good!

God has never departed from how he has made each one of us, there is not a single reject that God has made, so stop right there the problem is not that there is something wrong with you in the way God made you.

The big question to help you determine a way forward is; What is stopping me? As you explore this it will lead you to the more important follow up question which is How can I become unstoppable in light of what is stopping me?

Answering the question What is stopping me can be very specific to your own situation and experiences, but in your analysis of determining why you keep getting stopped you may want to get first consider the roots of your actions towards growth so as to determine the cause of the barrenness that you are experiencing,

In simple speak, when things go wrong go to the beginning and you will find the answer there. Going to be beginning means look at why and how you got started in the first place, What was your vision?

The End of a matter is often the beginning of an unstoppable Journey

The ironic thing about going to the beginning is that it is actually a journey of going to the End. When you start a journey you don’t start off without knowing where you are going. You have to have a destination in mind in order for your to get started on any journey. Already as you think carefully about this you may already begin to start seeing some cracks in your plans which may lead you to discover what is Stopping you.

At View Church Table View our Vision this year, (2022), is to empower people in our Church, communities and City, to live with the End in mind. This is especially because people dont see that God had an end in mind when he created them, people don't get that God did not just create them and send them on a journey of life on earth without a clear end in mind. Our God is a God of Purpose!

Many people are living in a space where their journeys are not determined by where they want to go or where they should be going but rather you find that many people are doing life’s journey without a destination in mind. Don’t get me wrong, I think for the most part People think they have a destination in mind but that destination is birthed by a desire to go where everyone else is trying to get to, rather than going to where the maker, God, designed us to journey towards.

Discovering what is stopping you often leads to you knowing why you let yourself be stopped and this is often because our defined destination is not really a compelling or feasible end in mind. This is because the world around us has put up certain destinations as the go to goals of destiny which everyone if striving and fighting for. These destinations are often summed up by the words, Power, Pleasure & Privilege.

We often are trying to succeed based on how the world defines success rather than how our Maker, God has defined success. We live our lives thinking if only I can make more money, if only I could enjoy access to greater pleasures and if only I had the privilege of doing what I want when I want and whenever I want.

Our maker has a different end in mind though, His manual(The bible) for our lives tells us that life on this earth is not the end Game, Life on this earth is temporary and the real destination we should aim for as a life of Eternity in heaven with our maker.

So whatever you strive for that has earthly value and destination has an expiry date and is very limited. Would we be amiss if we are trying to be unstoppable while trying to reach an end game that is temporary or in other words will one day in itself come to a grinding halt?

Would it not be more beneficial to be part of a movement that is Unstoppable that leads to an everlasting Destiny – a Never stopping Place of True Destiny?

Enter the Church, A movement that is Unstoppable, even death cannot stop the Church. The Church is God’s vehicle to move us into a Realm of being totally unstoppable and Undefeated. Those who are part of the Church get to be the Life and soul of this unstoppable movement that God himself is building.

In the bible Jesus declares that he will build his Church upon The rock and not even the gates of hell would be able to Prevails (that is to stop or Conquer) this Church!!!

On Sunday View Church Started this series Called Unstoppable at the Camps Bay Melkbos and Table View Locations,

and over the next 5 weeks, we shall look at what makes the Church unstoppable and how being part of such a great Movement also makes you unstoppable.

It's an open secret, God wants us to live lives that fully reach the potential He created us to reach and he does not want anything to STOP us from achieving his purposes. So today start with the end in mind, What does God want you to achieve on this earth in view of the Eternal plan he has for you? Once you connect with this divine purpose you are one step closer to becoming Unstoppable!

Matthew 16:18

'Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it. '

Deuteronomy 11:25

'No one will be able to stand against you, for the Lord your God will cause the people to fear and dread you, as he promised, wherever you go in the whole land. '

At View Church Table View we run a course called Growth Track that is geared towards helping you find God and Discover Purpose, Do Growth Track click HERE TO REGISTER FOR OUR NEXT GROWTH TRACK

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